Platina Watch
by on February 20, 2023

Platina Watch & Co.'s creator has a background in design and a lifetime enthusiasm for watches. He began working on a project to build a personalised watch for himself. Along the path of creation, the project got bigger and the wish to share his inventions with like-minded people started their journey to become what's now  Platina Watch & Co. Every item in the collection is manufactured with a lot of love and work on in-house designs to leave its own aesthetic impression on the market in addition to a superb and dependable high quality. Every action you do in life should be motivated by your heart. Explore uncharted seas and have the courage to go against the grain. Allow all of your desires to come true by paying attention to your inner voice. Start living; the time is running out.

The whole production process for the collection is carried out in Switzerland, where it is conceived, quality-controlled, and assembled to the highest standards. Lawfully protected and used as a quality seal is the Swiss Made brand. We use Automatic Swiss Watches movements from Sellita and STP; these movements are carefully chosen to complement the aesthetics of the particular watch type. Due to the high quality of their manually crafted mechanisms and materials, Swiss watches may be worn for many lives.

Everything is created internally, in collaboration with the founder, technical developers, design partners, and artists. Accurate forms are used in the collection's cautious construction. From the watch's casing to its clasp, crown, and tiniest component. Details matter a lot. The technical, dimensional, and aesthetic qualities of every component of the watch are rigorously scrutinised before admission. The final Swiss product must pass hundreds of manual controls, including tests for the cases' water resistance under pressure, levelness of the hands, form, colour, and dimensions. You've never seen a signature like this before for Original Watches & Co. Even from a distance, it draws your attention and piques your interest. The buckle-system was developed by us in-house. With this lock-system pressing directly on the bracelet, you may exactly alter the size to fit your wrist. Visit us online at

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