by on December 8, 2021

Grinding Gear Games likes to change the mechanics of Path of Exile in major ways at the beginning of the new league. Since its initial release, the world of Wraeclast has undergone over 30 major content updates, and it is constantly changing. Update 3.17.0 that will bring the next league of the game is no exception. Although we don’t know what the next league will be like, it is always useful to prepare more POE Currency and master the application skills.

The official Path of Exile Twitter released an announcement that with the update, the Prophecies mechanism of Path of Exile will disappear. Since 2016, as part of the game, prophecies have changed the future of your character in various ways. They do this by triggering events or changing the results of certain actions. Players can unlock prophecies by collecting POE Currency, and then hand the Silver coins to the supplier Navali.

The team’s announcement on the Path of Exile forum elaborated that although this mechanism has been a core part of the game, the developers believe it is outdated and surpassed by other updates. Players who want to use the remaining Silver coins, prophecies, and Pale Council fragments will have them before Update 3.17.0 is released, at which time it will remove them from the player’s inventory along with Navali. The next extension will be available in January 2022.

However, even if the Prophecies mechanism is lost, players don’t have to worry too much. After all, this is for everyone. As long as they can continue to delve into how to play better from other directions, there will be wonderful development. They can also buy POE Orbs with cheapest price at POECurrency before the 3.17 extension is released. Wait and see.

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