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by on September 1, 2023

Build applications faster on a fully managed cloud sql database

Azure SQL Database, part of the Azure SQL family, is an always-up-to-date, fully managed relational database service purpose-built for the cloud. Build your next application with the simplicity and flexibility of a multi-model database that scales to meet your needs. Gain near real-time insights without compromising performance with Azure Synapse Link for SQL Database (preview).
Fully managed and always using the latest version of SQL

Eliminate the complexity of configuring and managing high availability, tuning, backups, and other database tasks with a fully managed SQL database. Accelerate your application development in the only cloud database with evergreen SQL using the latest SQL Server features without worrying about updates, upgrades, or end of support again.

Rapidly deliver modern smart applications

Build applications locally or in the cloud on popular platforms and frameworks with driver support for the most common languages, and simplify development with native support for services like Azure Functions and Azure App Service. Meet the needs of modern applications and work with data in multiple formats, including graphs, JSON, and spatial. Share resources through elastic pools, optimize price/performance and manage multi-tenant application complexity.

Hyperscale your most demanding workloads

Break through resource constraints that can impact application performance. Azure SQL Database Hyperscale adapts to changing needs by quickly scaling storage up to 100 TB. Flexible cloud-native architecture allows storage to grow as needed. Regardless of the size of the data operation, data can be backed up almost instantly and cloud databases restored in minutes.

Optimize costs with automatically scaling compute

Build modern applications your way with preconfigured and serverless computing options. Azure SQL Database Serverless simplifies performance management and helps developers build applications faster and more efficiently with compute resources that scale automatically based on workload demand. SQL Database Serverless is best suited for scenarios where usage is intermittent and unpredictable, and where you only pay for the computing resources you use per second, optimizing overall price/performance

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