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As the Chinese New Year of 2020 draws to a close, the new epidemic is still a hurdle that we must overcome. Although many people's lives have been affected, no matter how the virus "tosses and turns", it will eventually dissipate.

South + combed through the top 10 changes that are happening 宣明會in many people's lives during the outbreak. Which things do you relate to the most, and which things impress you the most? Welcome to vote and interact.

1. "Home economy" is hot, and "contactless delivery" has become a keyword

The current epidemic, many enterprises ushered in the winter. However, a few days ago, when the reporter interviewed the enterprises to resume work and production, the person in charge of Loxin from Nanshan District, Shenzhen, told reporters, "From February 2 to February 9, our orders rose 42% compared to the previous week, and the increase in the last three days reached 65%. The business has started to get on an orderly track." This is due to the fact that the company's main business, such as installment e-commerce, is mainly conducted online. The "home" economy宣明會 is growing rapidly as people's demand for online shopping surges. "No-touch delivery" is becoming the keyword of online consumer delivery. The person in charge of the enterprise WeChat said, "contactless" way of delivery of goods, not only can continue to provide users with a safe life, but also reduce the risk of their own business, to ensure the normal operation of business work. In this context, industry sources pointed out that the new retail is the inevitable model to consider for future e-commerce expansion. Under the impetus of the "house economy", enterprises that are connected online and offline to form an omnichannel business model will be the first to benefit.

2. SARS makes people learn to wash their hands diligently, and the new crown popularizes the wearing of masks

The SARS epidemic in 2003 reminded people of the importance of hygiene and hand-washing habits. After the current epidemic, wearing masks and washing hands regularly have been repeatedly recommended to the public by experts. According to the宣明會 findings of a research team from the University of Hong Kong published in the international authoritative medical journal The Lancet at the end of January, the protective effect of wearing a mask is clear. In a case of a family cluster in Shenzhen, the only family member who was not infected was the person who wore the mask for a long time. Medical, dust, N95, N90 and other categories of masks knowledge popularization, the epidemic does make people up knowledge!

3. offline card less, online VIP more

"Swimming and fitness to understand." At home, it seems to be a "luxury" to hear such street sales. Because the company has not yet resumed work, stay at home in Shenzhen home isolated Ms. Chen told the South + reporter, a week, she almost all the major mainstream video sites VIP open a. At the same time, the reporter noted that get, get, home isolation. At the same time, the reporter noticed that platforms such as Get, Himalaya, Vanden Reading and Wu Xiaobo Channel have sent benefits to users by giving away VIP membership or free resources, which has also eased the anxiety of the epidemic to a certain extent. It seems that "boredom at home" has become a good time to "enliven the atmosphere" of the cold content payment industry in 2019.

4. Teachers become anchors, online teaching changes not just a little

The teachers have turned into anchors, and the major online education platforms are all over the place, fighting speed, fluency, and master teacher education ...... is not too much to call it a battlefield without smoke and mirrors. The senior online teacher is not only a funny language, skilled in a variety of small videos, animation transfer classroom, but also with a variety of 666 + flowers to attract the attention of students difficult to focus. And for teachers who are used to offline teaching, it is undoubtedly a challenge to "watch back the release after class" + "online photo change homework" + "raise your hand to answer questions reward" + "Lesson production", without a familiar process is really "can not handle!" Following the resumption of classes for high school students, February 17, Shenzhen primary and secondary school students will also resume classes online, when it will not on the staging of a gym class upstairs, math class downstairs, the chicken flying home school drama is not yet conclusive, but it is certain that the epidemic changes not only students, parents rush homework will ask "Did you submit in the end? Did you take pictures?" Teachers will ask, "If you can hear me, say 666! If you don't answer the question, turn off the microphone!"

5. Movies and press conferences, more online premieres

Due to the impact of the epidemic, this year's Spring Festival film into the real winter, the major films have been withdrawn, the first day of the year box office only 1.81 million to a record low. However, the famous director Xu Zheng took a different approach and his movie "Lost Mom" was withdrawn from theaters and changed to a free online premiere, which became a hot topic of public opinion for a while. At the same time, many activities that normally require people to gather have been changed to online. For example, recently in Shenzhen, South+ has cooperated with Nanshan District and Guangming District one after another to launch online press conferences and policy release interpretation live, which has achieved a better communication effect.

6. The key is gone, sweep the door to increase the popularity

Integrated semiconductor fingerprint recognition, a variety of ways to open the door, has become a smart door lock manufacturers' slogan. Today, the smart family has become apparent, with cell phones can not only control the air conditioning switch, curtains close, but also remote control of the floor robot at any time, anywhere "work". Intelligent door locks are also an important part of the smart home. Early last year, the home in Nanshan Wu Weipeng new house renovation, but the curiosity of new things, the installation of an intelligent door lock, compared to the traditional key door lock, despite the increased cost, but the guide to promote a variety of security guarantees so that he could not resist the temptation to buy. Now in the new house, his favorite way to open the door is to open the fingerprint recognition lock, gently press on, the door "creak" a sound, automatically open, if necessary, you can also open the lock password. Out of the community, facing the community door, in addition to the button, the community also put on the "smart coat", by downloading the property company's APP, or login Tencent in the small program "pro-neighborhood open the door", as long as the data entry in advance through, you can achieve the cell phone One key to open the door or "sweep" to open the door. The wisdom of the door opening method, so that Wu Weipeng away from a string of heavy key bondage, metal physical key, has become more and more uncommon.

7. Sanitation workers pressure is less, sweeping robot on the road

Today, affected by the epidemic, sanitation workers have become scarce. The treatment and other factors, many sanitation companies are recruiting sanitation workers in large quantities, "bad recruitment", "can not keep people" has become a common problem faced by sanitation companies. Urban public health is about the image of urban civilization, road garbage needs to be cleaned up every day, in the face of this demand, Shenzhen robotics company Tian Puzzle Net developed a large sweeping robot at the end of 2017, a large stomach can accommodate a sufficient amount of garbage. This first commercial large sweeping robot in the country, type like a penguin, has a height of 90 cm, can enter and exit large shopping malls, airports, stations, squares and other places, can automatically plan routes, avoid obstacles, and can also replace a variety of cleaning methods. A robot's workload is equivalent to 10 cleaning staff, except for charging time, can be used to "non-stop" work every day, day and night. The company also developed a large sweeping robot for pedestrian roads, and through cooperation with sanitation companies, completely get rid of the difficulty of recruiting sanitation personnel.

8. Conference room meeting less, online communication telecommuting more

The epidemic is coming, and one more point of meeting is one more risk. Enterprises to resume work and production is imminent, download video conferencing software to realize the home office has become a reality, especially the Internet and other enterprises, have developed a variety of home office software. Today, meetings do not need to face to face, teleconferencing, remote video conferencing has become the first choice. Liu just work in a media company, is a flexible work post, do not need to sit on the clock, usually communicate with customers more, and weekly meetings to sit in the company time. The epidemic hit, he worked from home, but his work was not affected, and the weekly departmental meeting was changed to an online meeting. Liu Gang has a hunch that with the arrival of the digital era, the future office will break the time and space barrier, work from home, telecommuting will become a new trend. This epidemic is expected to accelerate the arrival of China's digital era.

9. Parents start to learn smartphones and use online functions

This epidemic is more risky for the elderly who have lower immunity. During the home squatting period, more elderly people started to learn online services actively or forcibly, buy groceries, buy medicine, run errands to home services, used to fly up. Ms. Liu, who lives near Book City in Nanshan District, is 65 years old, and her understanding of smartphones before the epidemic was simply to make phone calls and play WeChat calls. As she was not willing to go downstairs and walk around, she downloaded "Jingdong to home" and learned to use the "home delivery of medicine" in just 20 days under the remote guidance of her children. "Now at this time, there is no need to risk going out, I have high blood pressure, I need to take medication all year round, and now it is not convenient to go downstairs," she researched by herself all afternoon, and kept asking, finally succeeded in buying "Amlodipine Mesylate", also in the supermarket to buy a large number of The company also bought a large quantity of food and oil at the supermarket. She is now able to fill out the declaration information in the "Deep I You" app by herself.

10. Fewer hospital visits, more online consultations

During the epidemic, what if you get sick? In special times, such as mild illness, online consultation has become the choice of many people. In Shenzhen, the reporter learned from Health 160 that the "New Coronavirus Pneumonia" Shenzhen Family Doctor Service Hotline and the online clinic service launched by Health 160 in conjunction with the Shenzhen Health and Health Commission and Shenzhen Family Doctor Association are very popular. The online clinic service is the first convenient service launched by the platform in response to the epidemic, and the anti-epidemic area where the service is located has gained 40 million+ public attention. The online clinic makes use of the convenience of the Internet to achieve effective control of doctor resources across the country. 7,000+ doctors have provided online volunteer clinic services during the epidemic, and 199 tertiary hospitals nationwide have participated in the clinic, involving 282 departments. Doctors allocated their work and life time rationally and used their rest time effectively to respond to public health consultations efficiently through online methods, with an average daily intake of 80 consultations per doctor.

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