by on December 28, 2021

The famous MMO game anchor Asmongold recently claimed that the New World released by Amazon Game Studios has become too boring, and the new work Lost Ark will replace New World and set off a new frenzy again. Because he believes that New World is boring because of repetition, many tasks require a lot of time and New World Gold, and once they die, their equipment will lose durability, and repairing equipment will cost a lot of New World Coins. The performance of the Lost Ark test version made him feel great interest. Players only need to prepare Lost Ark Gold at in advance, so he feels he will be better than New World.

Lost Ark has a history of success in South Korea and Russia. Regarding the massive growth of games, almost all of them are positive, which is unheard of for MMOs, especially in the current form. If people can truly appreciate the true charm and game elements of Lost Ark, it is only a matter of time before Lost Ark surpasses New World.

However, if the economic system in Lost Ark is as rubbish or worse than New World, then Lost Ark may be another failure. 2022 will be one of the greatest gaming years in recent history, so it would be interesting to see how Lost Ark can stand out from the fierce competition.

And when Amazon officially releases Lost Ark next year, players had better take the time to find out if Lost Ark is worth playing. If the result is positive, they’d better buy Lost Ark Gold or New World Gold on IGGM as soon as possible to take the lead in the game. IGGM helped many New World players when New World was popular, and it also applies to Lost Ark players.

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