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Give your phone a borderlight theme by applying this free wallpapers mobile theme tool.

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Ever wonder how people using cool light and anime wallpaper on their phones? Here is our 3D version of light and wallpapers around your phone that gives you the same effect. Decorate your 3D home screen with side light and live wallpaper that will make your mobile phone more premium. The app offers an iconic level of anime wallpaper and light theme customization for your home screen.

Anime Wallpaper:

Colorful borderlight wallpapers, edge light & anime wallpaper app can alter the current look of your home screen with 3D photo & live wallpaper effects. The best edge lighting & wallpapers app. Borderlight is a live wallpaper app that displays a slowly sliding colorful border around your screen's edge.
This live wallpaper app provides stunning curved 3D photo rounded corners light on your android phone lock and home screen. Enjoy bright light and anime wallpaper on your mobile edge with the colorful 3D borderlight effect. Customize the wallpapers by adjusting the colors, modify the width, edge lighting border, notch settings of home screen.

3D wallpapers:

3D wallpapers, anime wallpaper and 3D photo. Make your live wallpaper stand out to everyone with colour around your phone’s home screen themes. This round light will change colors every 3-5 seconds. An exceptionally creative round edge light and live wallpaper designed to use less energy. The edge lighting effect filter lets you produce myriad light effects on your wallpapers.

Live Wallpaper:

Live wallpaper round colors 3D photo is optimized to conserve battery power. Borderlight wallpapers supports home screen including infinity U, infinity V, hole round, notch, etc.
Apply smooth and lovely wallpapers & round corners edge light theme into your home screen. App provides free gorgeous wallpapers, anime wallpaper, live wallpaper, and light theme for android phones.

Features of Borderlight Wallpapers app:

• Amazing wallpapers with infinite colors
• Live wallpaper runs on any Android Device
• Always-on display (AOD)
• Customize the 3D photo color plus stylish anime wallpaper
• Notch and infinity display supports live wallpaper
• Ripple, bubbles, warp, paws, particles, edge light animations
• Dashed or smooth wallpapers
• Borderlight with edge lighting
• HD anime wallpaper, 3D photo and live wallpaper
• Customize speed and depth of edge & light effect
• Adjust animation speed, width, bottom, light and top curve range
• Improve 3D display notch width, height, top, and bottom notch radius
• Tons of 4K / 4D / 3D wallpapers
• Set your image as wallpapers between the 3D photo effects
• Free borderlight screen live wallpaper.

The borderlight edge light wallpapers app shows revolving light moving across the border of the mobile’s home screen. Magic live wallpaper is ready for your new android mobile. You can set outline edge light, wallpapers and neon borderlight as phone with various customization. Amazing colorful borderlight, anime wallpaper & edge light with video effect changes the modern look of your mobile’s home screen. Install borderlight live wallpaper and choose your favorite moving 3D photo background. Beautify with a colorful live wallpaper effect and give your phone a bold, clean, and colorful design.

Transparent edge light is an attractive live wallpaper that helps you apply a natural feel to your smartphone and give you an entirely new user experience. These wallpapers are perfect for every android device! Thousands of borderlight full screen live wallpaper every day. Screen light app border uses edge light to set a colorful ring on the phone’s home screen edge.
A new side live wallpaper is a way to design your phone to look unique. In the current trend of theme customization, we introduced a borderlight home screen theme that will make you smile.

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