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While the wonderful world of Arkesia is jam-packed with NPCs, Lost Ark’s sprawling roster has something completely different. Players in the exploration game can spend Lost Ark Gold to make the journey easier.

Whether players want to become the queen of Luterra by courting Thirain, or befriend Nineveh, one of the Sidereals who ended the game’s dramatic chain wars, players can develop a rapport with a complete suite of characters along the way.

Players can build relationships with different NPCs to get rewards, unique greetings and dialogues, and more. Remember, players better pick a character and stick with it, otherwise it will cost a lot of time and Lost Ark Gold. Just like in terms of upgrades, if players want to save their time, they can choose to buy Lost Ark Boosting.

Arkesia is a very traditional place, so chivalry reigns supreme. Players can lure future friends with songs and emotes and even spend Lost Ark Gold to win their hearts. Of the three different methods, gifts are the best way to grow rapport quickly.

While there are endless Rapport characters in Lost Ark, some are more worth a player’s time than others. Beatrice, Blue-Eyed Calvasus, Nineveh and Sasha are the most important. They will help players complete the Adventurer’s Book and earn some Cheap Lost Ark Gold.

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