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Whether players want to join in the PvP action and gather resources for exclusive rewards, or just struggle with raids, consistently increasing damage is always a plus in Lost Ark. If players want to enhance their character abilities quickly, they need to prepare more Lost Ark Gold.

All classes can deal massive damage in Lost Ark, but some classes are higher than others. Some classes, especially some sub-classes, are tailored to deal with massive DPS. And players can spend more Lost Ark Gold to help themselves achieve their goals.

For damage in Lost Ark, three classes have more DPS than the others. For players just beginning their journey in Lost Ark, leveling can be fun and rewarding when done right. But if they like to skip this stage, they might as well buy Lost Ark Boosting. This skill saves players time and also helps players level up quickly.

The Sorceress class is one of the most reliable classes players can choose to play in Lost Ark. Excellent range in both PvE and PvP, very high damage, relatively easy to throw, and easy to master. Players can trust that witches can never go wrong.

Sorceress PvE builds a lot in pushing immunity to monster damage, cooldown reduction, and self buffs. Sorceress is powerful in PvE as her many area effect attacks can wipe out enemies across the screen. The trickiest parts of playing Sorceress in PvE are raids and dungeons.

Deathblade is an enjoyable class with high mobility and damage. It’s very good, especially in PvP. As a class, it’s at least as strong as Sorceress.

Another promising career is artillery. A seriously underrated class that has the potential to do the most DPS in the game if left unattended. However, it highly depends on the ability to hit it, and the combo can be interrupted by many characters quickly. In the hands of inexperienced players, it looks and feel weak. These players often need to prepare more Lost Ark Gold and hone.

Lost Ark Gold is definitely the most reliable item for any class of character. Players can buy Lost Ark Gold at IGGM. They will provide news and game walkthroughs, and recently they are giving players 6% free Lost Ark Gold per order to buy Lost Ark Gold. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that players should not miss.

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