by on October 26, 2021

Amazon New World is currently being affected by a severe deflationary currency crisis, so that on some servers, players are beginning to exchange raw materials with each other instead of spending the increasingly valuable New World Coins. Although players can get some New World Coins by dropping monsters, salvaging them, and completing missions, the NW Coins owned by players will soon be exhausted due to the rapid circulation rate. The value of money is much higher than the material is the culprit.

Although the issue of deflation has brought many problems to players in the game, the decline in raw material prices alone may affect the way fans play games in the future. As the price drops, this may hinder players from upgrading certain skills to generate income. For example, if the price of raw materials falls sharply, then players may be less likely to spend time mining them, because the return on selling the ore will become so insignificant that it is not worth their time.

In some servers, the value of currency is now so high that players have returned to a barter economy, where resources are traded instead of coins. Players are now slowly accumulating New World Coins with traditional trading methods. Although it may be an appropriate trading method in terms of game settings and environment, for New World players, this is only a further explanation of the problems caused by deflation in the game.

Amazon Game Studios is working to ease this problem. However, if this problem is not affected, the impact of deflation may worsen, and players will hope that a potential solution to their currency crisis will come soon. There is another available way that players can go to IGGM to Buy New World Coins to solve their own financial difficulties. Even if the number of purchases is large, they do not need to pay too much money. Try it!

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