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Cordless vacuum cleaners are more expensive.

Traditional wired vacuum cleaners are relatively inexpensive, and they come with a particularly bulky dust collection box in the back that is difficult and inconvenient to transport.

After each use, regardless of where the vacuum cleaner is best vacuum for thick carpet placed, it feels particularly obtrusive and has an aesthetic impact.

Wireless vacuum cleaners on the market today have greatly improved in terms of value.

Many friends in the purchase of furniture items, but also more concerned about the value of the problem, I believe that we do not want to continue to understand its function, so the wired vacuum cleaner with the value of a lot of people welcome.

A cordless vacuum cleaner's dust collection box is also smaller, as opposed to a traditional vacuum cleaner with a particularly bulky dust collection box, so it appears more lightweight and compact, and does not feel in the way when placed at home.

Powerful cordless vacuum cleaners are available.

The traditional wired vacuum cleaner has a relatively single function, essentially only vacuuming and cleaning up dust on our home floor.

The wireless vacuum cleaner function is now relatively more extensive, not only cleaning the ground dust garbage, but also cleaning the sofa, bed seam edge position, which is especially convenient.

Furthermore, many wireless vacuum cleaners on the market today will come with a variety of vacuum brush heads.

They have a mite brush, a long flat brush, a 2-in-1 wide mouth brush, and other brush heads that can meet the needs of different scenarios in the home and achieve whole house cleaning in addition to cleaning up the dust and garbage on the ground.

Many vacuum cleaners now include a double-rolling electric floor brush that can be used to clean floors and carpets.

Mite removal brushes that can be used to clean trash and mites from sofas and beds.

To clean corners, window cracks, and other small crevices, use a long flat suction head.

A 2 in 1 wide mouth brush can be used to suck away large garbage particles.

There are also soft feather brushes designed specifically for cleaning textile items such as curtains.

A vacuum cleaner with multiple functions to meet the cleaning needs of various spaces and scenes in our homes will be more convenient and maximize the vacuum cleaner's value.

To summarize.

This is due to some of the shortcomings of traditional wired vacuum cleaners, as well as some of the advantages that wireless vacuum cleaners have, so wireless vacuum cleaners are now becoming more and more popular instead.

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