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The Ennead Expedition has become New World's newest expedition, with a recommended level of 60 or higher, once players unlock and enter the Brimstone Sands, they can enter this expedition. Stubborn illnesses can be composed of three people, preferably five people for the expedition, please prepare in advance before the expedition.

The New World Ennead Expedition is located in the Great Pyramid of Akhet, on top of which another pyramid hangs upside down. The expedition consists of ancient and corrupted enemies. To advance smoothly, players had better prepare for each type, and players must pay attention to the accumulation of New World Gold. The more challenging, the more rewarding it is to complete Ennead.

For maximum success, teams of five need to have the following:

A tank that attracts the attention of the enemy
Provides three DPS for destructive attacks
A therapist keeps the team going

Section One Boss: Giant Ancient Scarab

To better advance Ennead, players need to prepare ancient guard equipment and ancient bane weapons. Clear the monsters left and right and gather them together, attacking them with DPS at the same time for maximum damage.

Players will encounter small bosses Shai and Horon in the first part. It's also worth avoiding patrolling ancient ruins when exploring corridors. It will fire beams that deal damage and activate dormant mobs, adding to an already challenging fight.

The Godling Khepri Supernal is a giant ancient scarab and Ennead's first boss. This boss is level 66 and it jumps into the air and slams into the ground. The number of slams increases as the battle progresses. It also has a laser beam mechanic that leaves yellow spots on the floor, dealing with a lot of AOE damage. Another great feature of Godling Khepri's attacks is the use of orbiting relics that fire laser beams, dealing some serious damage. Tank pros will help distract Godling Khepri so DPS can do their jobs without interruption.

Section Two Boss: General Crassus

In the next room, there will be three corridors, the Monarch's Mark, the Crypt of Eternity, and the Monument of Corruption. The Sovereign Seal should be taken last, as it leads to the next boss. Once all of these key areas have been visited, it's time for the team to move on to the next boss.

General Crassus is a Corrupted boss that summons lower level Corrupt to aid him in battle. He has a three-stage combat mechanic in which different thugs are summoned. These phases are the Spear, Bow, and Staff phases. During the fight with General Crassus, the player needs a party member to pull all the monsters away from him and take them out so the DPS can attack without issue.

As the battle enters its final stages, he summons two fallen Cyclops. When this happens, the player needs to change strategy. Defeating the Cyclops will only cause them to be summoned again. Tanks need to pull them to the periphery of the combat area while DPS finishes General Crassus.

There is one creature and one mini-boss, Sah, that is active. Everything else in this area is dormant. Teams must defeat these enemies to advance to the final boss stage. If they wake up any dormant mobs, they will also have to be defeated. Once this is done, they will need to go up the stairs to fight the boss.

Section Three Boss: Anpu And Heru

Anpu is the player's last battle. An effective countertactic is to place the tank and healer on opposite sides of one of the room's four pillars. When he charges, he crashes into the pillars, stopping the pool of fire from forming. As soon as Anpu knelt, Heru intervened.

The second main mechanic occurs when Heru activates the four pillars in the room. Players must figure out a way to close these pillars using the Staff of Azoth, and once Heru is defeated, the two enemies will join forces against the group. The easiest way to get through this combat phase is to bring the two closer together and DPS them both for equal massive damage. Heru and Anpu must defeat each other within seconds, otherwise, the first one to fall will come back with 50% HP and the fight will continue. Once both enemies are down, the expedition is successful and the team can claim their final reward.

Complete these tasks are not so simple, first, you need to increase your level to 60, and you need to invest more time and energy to complete it. Many players are unable to spend more time due to school or work reasons. To experience Ennead Expedition like others, you can go to RPGStash to buy Cheap New World Coins to quickly complete the upgrade and make the character more powerful.

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