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Armour sets in RuneScape are designed to protect players and help to develop skills faster. There are several types of armour that are available in the game. There is PvP, hybrid, Power, Tank and all kinds of OSRS gold. Each has their own set of designs for armour. However, some of the armor sets are extremely expensive and will cost you lots of money to get the best ones. I'll try to expose you to the top high-priced armour pieces.

The first armour is known as the"an Third-Age prayer set. It is an old set and comes with Third-age druidic dress, wreath staff, cloak, and top of robe. The cost for this set is approximately 2.670.00.000 RS gold. There are some who say that this set could cost more. But, only a large amount of money invested in the armour set will permit you to wear it so easily. You'll need to be at a level of 65 in prayer and defence for it to be worn.

A full-face helmet from Third Age with platebody, platelegs, and platebody as well as kiteshield together, can create a costly armour called Third-age melee set. The cost of the complete set is approximately 834.270.000 RS gold. This set is renowned as being among the rarest , most expensive armour sets. Contrary to the Third-age prayer setting in order to wear a Third Age melee set you do not need to attain a high-level of prayer skill. The only thing you need to master is defence. requires level 65. However, players put on this armor not because it's cheap RS gold or some other reason or else, but to demonstrate that they're really wealthy.


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