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Almost all the programs and systems you use, or a portion of their codebase, are written in C or C++. Whether it's Windows, a web browser, your favorite game, or video editing software, the use of C++ can be found in almost all applications today. Here are some interesting areas where C++ is used popularly.

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Uses Of C++

1. Operating Systems

C++ is a fast and strongly typed programming language, making it the most suitable choice for developing operating systems. Large sums are written in C++ on Mac OS X. Most software from Microsoft, such as Windows, Microsoft Office, IDE Visual Studio, and Internet Explorer, are written in C++.

2. Games

Because it is closer to C++ hardware, game development companies use it as the primary choice for developing gaming systems. It can easily handle resources and overcome the complexities of 3D games and multiplayer networking.

3. GUI Based Applications

C++ is also used to develop GUI-based, desktop applications. Most applications from Adobe such as Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. are developed with C++.

4. Web Browsers

Web browsers need to work quickly because people don't like to wait until web pages are loaded. That's why most browsers are developed in C++ for rendering purposes. Mozilla Firefox was developed entirely from C++. Google applications such as Chrome and the Google File System are partly written in C++.

5. Embedded Systems

Various embedded systems have been developed in C++ that require you to be close to the program with hardware such as smartwatches, medical device systems, etc. Unlike other high-level programming languages, it can deliver a lot of low-level function calls.

6. Banking Applications

Since banking applications require concurrence, multi-threading, concurrency, and high performance, the default choice of the programming language is C++. Infosys Finacle is a popular banking app developed using C++.

7. Compilers

Compilers of several programming languages have been developed in C and C++. This is because they are relatively low level compared to other high-level languages and are closer to hardware.

8. Database Management Software

C++ is also used to write database management software. The world's most popular open source database is written in MySQL, C++.


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