by on December 29, 2021

1, the purpose of weight loss is fat loss, not weight loss, much less muscle loss. Only by losing fat and retaining muscle can you maintain a vigorous basal metabolic value, shed the chances of regaining weight and maintain a good figure.

And simply aerobic exercise can make you thin, but can not effectively avoid muscle loss, shaping a pair of good-looking body proportions, we need to join the strength training, the combination of the two to enhance the efficiency of fat burning and shaping, while reducing the chances of gaining weight.

2, bearing in mind the principle of strength after cardio, we can first arrange 20-30 minutes of strength training, for example: from push-ups, flat support, pull-ups, squats, lunge squats, goat jerk and other movements to start, each movement 4 groups, each group 10-15 times, and then arrange 30-40 minutes of cardio, so that fat burning efficiency will be doubled.

Fitness first arrange strength training, you can first consume glycogen, when you carry out aerobic exercise, the body can directly consume fat, more quickly into the fat burning state.

3, about fat burning heart rate. When arranging aerobic exercise, we need to break the comfort zone and raise the heart rate to 60-75% of the maximum heart rate, which is the best fat burning heart rate at this time.

And a person's maximum heart rate = 220 - age. If you are 30 years old, then the maximum heart rate is 190, and the optimal fat burning heart rate is 190*60-75% = 114-143/min. So, is your fat burning heart rate up to par?

4, aerobic exercise to diversify. When it comes to aerobic exercise, we can regularly replace different exercises to gradually improve the intensity of the exercise, which can break the comfort zone, so that the body continues to burn fat, to avoid weight loss into a bottleneck.

5, control the length of aerobic exercise. Fitness is not the longer the better, it is recommended that each aerobic exercise time should not exceed 50 minutes to avoid overtraining leads to the body in a state of exhaustion, which will affect the next day's play, but also make you tired of fitness. You can arrange 1-2 days of rest each week to find a better state for training in the second week.

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